5 Most Insane Things Happening In Wrestling Right Now (Nov 23)

The most insane week of the year.


Who is the most pathetic figure in all of pro wrestling?

Vince Russo is up there. Or down there. Just this week, in a desperate attempt to put himself ahead of the swerve - sorry, curve - no, swerve - he tweeted that he first recognised Charlotte Flair's star-power at the age of just 13. When people rolled their eyes at this, he returned fire. He was only joking, Christ, Get a life, marks. But he was also, direct quote, using his "sincerest words" when mentioning in the same tweet that deceased brother Reid would be "proud" of her. Much like he did in WCW with his worked shoot bullsh*t, he tried to do two things at once, and failed miserably,

In the context of WCW, Eric Bischoff was for a brief but not at all inconsiderable moment the best creative mind in pro wrestling. Outside of that context, Bischoff totally failed at the helm of TNA.

Context is king, Eric. We'll let you off.

Even before this week's incredible story, Enzo Amore was chief among the dishonourable mentions. Launching his rap career with 'Phoenix', the song was an ironic inverse to the myth; he swan-dived into the ashes immediately with his abysmal flow and timing. Enzo somehow contrived to be terrible at two things at once.

But 'Real1/nZo' unleashed an insane publicity stunt to remind us that he's not given up...


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