5 Real WWE Storyline Pitches That Were Rejected

What if AJ Lee had gone to the asylum following her wedding with Daniel Bryan?

The sheer amount of storyline ideas flying through WWE's creative meetings must be overwhelming, and it makes sense to believe that more are rejected than given the green light. That was the certainly the case for Kevin Eck, a creative writer who worked for the company between 2011-2014.

During his three years in WWE, the writer's major contributions (that made it to television) were Mark Henry's faux-retirement in 2012 and the on screen relationship between Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee that eventually led to a stint as Raw GM for the latter.

That last part wasn't Eck's original plan though, because he instead wanted to find a way to bring one developmental standout onto the main roster and believed AJ's character was the perfect way to do that. Unfortunately for the writer, Vince McMahon disagreed, and Eck told Press Box Online that this wouldn't be the only time his then-boss dismissed his ideas in favour of others...

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