5 Real WWE Storyline Pitches That Were Rejected

5. Big Show Assaults Alberto Del Rio's Father

Dos Caras

Alberto Del Rio beat Big Show to win the World Heavyweight Title right at the start of 2013. All part of WWE's grand plan to turn the Mexican into a top babyface sensation, this title win came at the expense of a giant Kevin Eck believed had to seek revenge.

Looking for a way to win the sympathy of the audience for Del Rio and simultaneously put scathing heat on Show, Eck devised a plan that would see the heel attack Alberto's father. A legendary wrestler in his own right, the unassuming Dos Caras would have his iconic mask ripped off by Big Show, who would then parade around gloating about his disrespectful actions.

Vince McMahon wasn't a fan of the idea, because he felt Americans wouldn't grasp the importance of masks in Mexican wrestling culture and also thought seeing Show ambush an elderly wrestler wearing street clothes would look ludicrous.

Eck disagreed, but his argument fell on deaf ears and the idea was scrapped before concrete plans could be put in place to bring Dos Caras in.

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