5 Reasons Why Paige As WWE Divas Champion Has Failed

If Paige did so well in NXT and was the chosen diva to dethrone AJ, then why has her run as WWE Divas Champion been such a huge failure?

On the April 7th edition of Raw, the night after WrestleMania 30, NXT Divas Champion Paige made her main roster debut. Not only that, but Paige defeated AJ Lee for the WWE Divas title. Since then, Paige has tried to continue to keep the Divas title at a level that AJ kept it at for 295 days. The keyword in that sentence was tried. Paige€™s run as Divas Champion has been lackluster. While she was quite successful as the first NXT Divas Champion, her popularity in Tampa hasn€™t exactly transferred to the main roster of WWE. It€™s hard to imagine why. Paige is a newcomer to WWE and one who honed her skills down in NXT. She should be the female version of The Shield and Wyatt Family. Wrestlers who were groomed in NXT to be successful when they reached the main roster. Paige also was the only diva who was able to defeat AJ Lee during his hot run as the top diva. Basically every diva had an opportunity against AJ. No one was able to do it. No one until the night after WrestleMania 30. No one until Paige. If Paige did so well in NXT and was the chosen diva to dethrone AJ, then why has her run as WWE Divas Champion been such a huge failure?

5. She Doesn't Talk Enough

To be successful in WWE, one must be very good at delivering promos. Those who are weaker on the microphone tend to be given a manager to do the talking. See Paul Heyman. Despite flying solo, Paige doesn€™t strike me as someone great on the microphone. Then again, it€™s hard to tell because she rarely speaks. The only times I can recall hearing Paige speak was on Raw or Smackdown Backstage Pass, a WWE.com exclusive after a pay-per-view, or during that one interview she had with Michael Cole. It€™s difficult to get to know a character without having them deliver promos. Or have conversations with other characters. Especially a new person. Some WWE fans watch NXT on the WWE Network, but not everyone does. For those people who never saw Paige before April 7th, they don€™t know much about her. They see her wrestle. They probably think of her as a great women's wrestler. However, they don€™t know much about who Paige is as a person or as a character on WWE programming.
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