5 Reasons Why Paige As WWE Divas Champion Has Failed

4. AJ Lee's Absence

One of the biggest problems with Paige€™s run as champion and her defeat of AJ is that the former champion left right away. WWE fans haven€™t seen AJ on Raw or Smackdown since the night after WrestleMania. That is not good. AJ had arguably the best run as Divas Champion before losing to Paige. WWE fans haven€™t received the rematch. Doesn€™t AJ want a rematch? Doesn€™t she deserve a rematch? Of course, many fans are aware that AJ requested time off. The reason seems to be related to the fact that AJ recently married CM Punk. Hopefully, this is a temporary time off for AJ Lee. This is a match that WWE fans need to see. There aren€™t many interesting Divas on the roster. AJ was the most interesting and entertaining Diva since the days of Trish Stratus and Lita. Without AJ, there is a giant hole in the Divas division. Paige has not been able to keep the division as entertaining as when AJ was at the top.
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