5 Reasons Shinsuke Nakamura Shouldn't Become WWE Champ At SummerSlam 2017

Patience is a virtue...

Shinsuke Nakamura Jinder Mahal SummerSlam

Shinsuke Nakamura shouldn't win the WWE Title at SummerSlam on 20 August.

"Why not?" we hear you cry. After all, the Japanese rock star carved a legacy for himself in NJPW and is one of the best in-ring workers around today!

Whilst that's all true, there's still no need to rush him into the WWE title hot seat.

Whether hardcore fans of Nakamura like it or not, his match with Jinder Mahal has significantly less box office appeal to more casual viewers than a Mahal vs. John Cena showdown would have had. Cena is still a needle-mover in WWE, especially when compared to guys who haven't really found their mojo on the main roster.

That lack of direction isn't all Shinsuke's fault though. WWE's creative team have done a poor job transitioning Nakamura from big fish in NXT to main event stardom on the main roster, and that must change before he'd succeed as SmackDown's top champion.

A special worker like Nakamura needs a special journey to the top...


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