5 Seriously Underrated WWE Hell In A Cell Matches

Hella overlooked.


WWE No Mercy 2016 is in the books and while there will be plenty of fallout on this week's Smackdown, as far as pay-per-views go it is now old news. Now WWE can turn their attention towards the Raw-exclusive Hell in a Cell, which will go down a little under three weeks from now.

Scheduled for the event so far is Seth Rollins versus Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal Title, Roman Reigns versus Rusev for the US Title and Charlotte versus Sasha Banks for the WWE Women's Championship, all of which will take place inside the Cell.

WWE decided to create a pay-per-view around the Cell structure in 2009 and have held the event every year since then. Although the Cell itself has lost a lot of its lustre over the years due to over-saturation and the dilution in violence that is a consequence of the PG rating, the show can usually be counted on to deliver good matches, even if they don't quite have the lasting effect of Cell matches of times gone by.

The Hell in a Cell is one of WWE's best original match concepts (although it was inspired by cage matches of the 1980s) and has housed many classic contests over the years. Fans still rave about Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker's initial Cell meeting, Mick Foley being broken by God in half and Foley's first, very emotional retirement at the hands of Triple H today.

For all the iconic moments and barbaric matches, there are still a few Cell clashes that have slipped under the radar and perhaps don't get the credit they ought to. Here are, in my mind, five seriously underrated Hell in a Cell matches...


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