5 Things We HATE About WWE NXT 2.0 So Far

Not everything can be gold...

Toxic Attraction

Following the loss to AEW on Wednesday nights, NXT made the jump to Tuesdays. The lack of competition from AEW meant that the former black and gold brand, theoretically, could thrive. Workrate matches, long term storylines and colourful characters would all be showcased on Tuesdays.

But then along came Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard.

The loss at the hands of AEW meant that Vince wanted a rebrand of NXT. Ditching the grungy aesthetic for a shower of colour and the metal music for some hip hop was a drastic change for the brand and has led to some positive and negative feedback from fans and critics alike.

The actual venue looks nice. As much as we enjoyed the CWC and Full Sail, the new arena looks really strong. The colours also look great and are a drastic change from the previous iteration of the product.

But not everything can be positive. Vince McMahon's new version of developmental isn't exactly a perfect show from top to bottom. A few cracks are beginning to show, and it is up to WWE to fix them as soon as possible...

5. The Lack Of The "Old" NXT

Toxic Attraction

While this may be an unfair criticism to level at a rebrand, the obvious lack of favour towards the NXT of old is evident in NXT 2.0.

The premiere episode on September 14th served as a reset button for the brand and tied up all the loose ends that were left from that era. The NXT Championship finding a new owner, the debuts of new stars like Von Wagner and Bron Breakker and the wedding of InDex.

From there, NXT has failed to capture what was special about the black and gold brand: the well thought out stories paired with high workrate matches. Essentially, WWE has stripped all of that away and we have something that is in no way connected to the show we fell in love with.

The closest we got to an old NXT match was Kushida vs. Roderick Strong for the Cruiserweight Championship. This match felt like it took place at full sail and gave fans a brief glimmer of what they longed for.

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