5 Things We HATE About WWE NXT 2.0 So Far

4. Toxic Attraction

Toxic Attraction

If handled in the correct way, Toxic Attraction could be a great faction in NXT 2.0. If the group were shown as "divas" who were playing up the fact that they want to go back to that era of wrestling, they could serve as a cool meta stable.

Instead, NXT have portrayed them as typical heels cutting nonsensical scripted promos about how the fans turned on them and never believed in them. The easiest way to get cheap heat. There is nothing original about this group.

Let us not forget, first impressions are everything. The promo that was cut by Toxic Attraction on the September 21st edition of NXT 2.0 wasn't great. Run of the mill dialogue that was poorly delivered by Mandy Rose, Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin. Any hype behind the group was sucked out of the building when this promo finished.

And to make things worse, they lost their first shot at the Women's Tag Team Titles. How can this group ever be taken seriously after they failed at the first hurdle?

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