5 Ups & 3 Downs From WWE SmackDown (Nov 17 - Results & Review)

2. Illogical Teased Partners

Bianca Belair Shotzi Charlotte Flair

Also, why in the name of stuck on ponytails would Bianca Belair think enlisting Michin or Zelina Vega was going to help her team win at WarGames? Neither woman has been doing much of anything in-ring lately, so it doesn't make sense that Belair pursued them during several backstage skits.

WWE seem intent on making Bianca look pretty silly these days.

Yes, creative wanted to tell the tale that Charlotte Flair had no choice but to pick up the phone and call on Becky Lynch. However, there's a hole in that plot too. Was Becky just waiting around for no reason on SmackDown? Or, did she magically teleport into Indiana at the last possible second?

To recap, it wasn't believable that either Michin or Vega would be involved, and Lynch's involvement is very last-minute. The SmackDown women's division is just all over the place in late-2023. Several characters are miscast, teased development for Belair has been cancelled, and WarGames feels uninspired.


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