5 Ups & 4 Downs From AEW Rampage: Grand Slam (Sept 22 - Results & Review)

AEW went multi-man crazy and formed an unlikely alliance on this souped-up Rampage.

Kenny Omega Chris Jericho

Rampage: Grand Slam's biggest moment wasn't quite, 'BAH GAWD! He's shaking hands with the devil himself!', but it was a surprise. Old rivals Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho have a common enemy, and his name is sharp-suited (and booted) snake oil salesman Don Callis.

Their union promises more to come at WrestleDream, and it looks like Kota Ibushi will be coming along for the ride too. Remarkably given Ibushi's skills, that feels unnecessary. Maybe that owes more to interest in seeing Omega and Jericho join forces, or perhaps Callis' new family vibes deserve all the credit.

So, what was this souped up Rampage like inside the ring? Well, it was busy. Tony Khan couldn't move for all of the bodies he packed onto this two hour special - the Khan man went tag and trios daft, and the results varied. An opening bruiser set the speedometer to high, then All Elite refused to slow down again until a women's match helped break things up.

It was a bit too turbocharged, being honest. Pacing is everything on two-three hour wrestling shows, and Rampage just didn't have any of it. Still, at least there was plenty of eye candy in terms of spots, and one title change does bode well for those who love them some ROH.

Here's all the good and bad!

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