5 Ups & 4 Downs From WWE SmackDown (April 16)

Cesaro becomes Roman Reigns' next challenger on WWE SmackDown. Or does he?

Cesaro WWE SmackDown

Cesaro will never be the guy in WWE.

That's no disgrace. The 'Swiss Cyborg' (as Michael Cole likes to call him) is one hell of an in-ring worker, and it does look like he'll get to briefly flirt with the main event scene as Roman Reigns' next Universal Title challenger. That is, of course, if WWE don't get ye olde proverbial cold feet and decide to scrap his push - there's always a threat of that.

Vince McMahon is well-known for his whims. What seemed like the best idea one week might not be his plan the next; SmackDown's conclusion kinda' spoke to that haphazardness on Friday night. Cesaro wasn't even allowed a dominating win over Roman's "Right Hand Man" that would've prepped him for a title tilt.

Instead, it looks like Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro II is destined to happen come WrestleMania Backlash. That's not a huge problem, because they work well together, but it does make one question Cesaro's long-term prospects as a headliner.

Here are all the 'Ups' and the 'Downs' from WWE's latest slice of blue brand action inside the ThunderDome.


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