5 Ups & 4 Downs From WWE SmackDown (May 20)

WWE buries Sasha Banks and Naomi; Undisputed Tag Champs crowned; NXT star gets repackaged.

RK-Bro The Usos

The main hook for Friday's episode of SmackDown was that bumper Raw/Smackers Tag-Team Title unification bout between The Usos and RK-Bro, but...WWE had other newsworthy items to dig through on the show too.

A former NXT star was repackaged (yet again) for consumption on the main roster, the lesser-spotted Intercontinental Title was finally given some much-needed direction and it looks like the end for that Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy. Oh, and WWE wanted to publicly bury Sasha Banks and Naomi for walking out before Monday's Raw.

It was borderline hypocritical, but they did it anyway.

This was a must-see edition of blue brand telly though. WWE's product is typically at its best when there's some controversy to give things an edge, and this proved it. Now, thankfully, Hell In A Cell on 5 June doesn't appear as redundant as it did just a few days ago.

SmackDown had debuts, title changes, awful promo lines, laughable PR work, championship set up and more. Here's all the good and the bad from one episode you don't want to miss!


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