5 Ups & 4 Downs From WWE SmackDown (May 20)


4. NXT Doesn’t Exist Again

Adam Pearce Max Dupri WWE SmackDown

WWE television offers you Raw and SmackDown. Yep, that's it. What's that? There's a third brand?! And it's called NXT? No, you must be mistaken. That exists in some imaginary wing on the company outskirts, and it should never be taken seriously as important to Vinnie Mac's real ongoing concerns.

For proof, just see the revamped Max Dupri.

LA Knight re-debuted on Friday as an agent who has dedicated himself to scouting out the best model-come-wrestlers on the planet. Now, there's nothing wrong with trying something new, but this idea that NXT means nothing really, really sucks for fans who care about the show.

Also, here's hoping this new gimmick isn't a creative noose around LA's neck. He has charisma, and he could work as some main roster version of Mr. Stone (why didn't they just call him up?), but the promotion has a nasty habit of souring on these things before they even get going.


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