5 Ups & 4 Downs From WWE SmackDown (Nov 20)


4. Friendly Rivalry


That's the prevailing feeling on this New Day vs. Street Profits match at Survivor Series. It all started so promisingly when Dawkins and Ford looked like they might be the villains of the piece, but WWE swiftly moved away from that in favour of painting both as valiant babyface champs.

It's dull as all hell, and isn't doing either team justice. Seeing both duos team up days before they're supposed to beat the crap out of another was a hollow experience, one made worse by ye olde belt-raising antics post-eight man tag on SmackDown. Again, this is seriously lifeless and dull.

These teams shouldn't be having some bullsh*t friendly rivalry. They should be desperate to prove that they're the superior champions; then again, these are the lads who gleefully swapped belts during the Draft, so maybe that's expecting too much.


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