5 Ups & 5 Downs From WWE SmackDown (Dec 3)


5. Too Short, Fellas!

Sheamus Cesaro

Less than four minutes.

That's all Sheamus vs. Cesaro got handed on SmackDown. Man, you'd think these two were some wet-behind-the-ears, inexperienced newbies who didn't really know how to put a match together. They're not - they're some of the most reliable workers WWE has on Friday nights, and they deserved more.

This battle of former Bar members should've been a hard-hitting classic. Instead, Sheamus won without too much of a struggle after shouting at his old partner and letting him know he's nowhere near as good as Ridge Holland. Gee, that'll make Cesaro look good, won't it?!

It should be criminal to have lads like this under contract when you're only booking them to go three-four mins. Cesaro was literally challenging for the Universal Title earlier this year. All that momentum he carried post-WrestleMania season has been lost.


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