5 Ups & 5 Downs From WWE SmackDown (Oct 20 - Results & Review)

Bianca Belair returns; WWE teases WarGames; Matches made for Crown Jewel.

Jimmy Jey Uso

Crown Jewel's card is shaping up quite nicely.

This week's SmackDown pushed towards the next Saudi supershow on 4 November neatly. LA Knight worked a fun segment with Paul Heyman (no, Roman Reigns wasn't in the house), and WWE teased John Cena's next match. It'll be another tag effort, but there are certainly way worse ideas than what creative has in store.

Undoubtedly, the biggest news coming out of Friday is Bianca Belair's return. The 'EST' hadn't been spotted on programming since August, and that meant fans in San Antonio were very happy to see her. WWE's decision-making must be called into question though - Belair has needed change for a while, and yet it doesn't look like any is imminent. Will that come back to bite Triple H?

On the plus side, the women's division produced a worthy main event, and there's some cool storytelling going on in the midst of the LWO. That'll be something to keep a beady eye on heading into the new year. One Santos Escobar could have a decent spot come WrestleMania if things go well.

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