5 Ways Roman May Reign WWE

A springtime coronation appears to be evident but is he really ready?

Is Roman Reigns ready to be €œthe guy€ for WWE? This is the biggest talking point leading in to Fastlane and will remain so going into WrestleMania 31. Everyone has an opinion on the matter and it seems that most of the Internet Wrestling Community feels he is not ready to take John Cena€™s spot. Stone Cold Steve Austin chimed in on the subject on his podcast stating, €œHe€™s not ready.€ Austin also pointed out that Reigns was only doing one-third of the work when he was in The Shield, and he hasn't been able to fill in the blanks since venturing on his own. History dictates this particular change in direction is inevitable in WWE. John Cena has been the company€™s featured attraction for nearly ten years. Vince McMahon feels it is time bring in a fresh face to soak up the spotlight. Roman Reigns is a talented individual and will get better with time, but WWE doesn't appear to be affording him that luxury. A springtime coronation appears to be evident, and the execution of character development on the road to WrestleMania will earn either thunderous applause or an arena full of boo birds. This is an interesting time for wrestling fans as we wait with baited breath to see how this will all play out. There are a lot of different ways Roman Reigns' path and tenure in the main event picture could go. Looking back at previous ascensions, here are five ways this will most likely play out.
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