5 Ways WWE Network Is Worth Your Money (And 5 Ways It Isn't)

Wwe Wwe Whilst attending a WWE live show in Bournemouth last year, this writer, together with the other fans in attendance, was shown a pre-recorded video package from Vince McMahon himself, personally apologising for the WWE Network€™s tardy arrival to our British shores. The audience (all of whom had lined Vinny Mac€™s pockets by buying their tickets) unanimously booed, jeered and taunted the video, apparently unable to distinguish between Vince the promoter and Mr. McMahon the character. However, in amongst the shower of vulgarity and pantomime booing, the point was definitely made, underlined and rendered in italics. We wanted the WWE Network. And we wanted it now. Well, the long wait is over and the WWE Network is finally here. No more being tempted by enigmatic Facebook users offering to €œhook you up for free€, no more getting annoyed with WWE for removing all past RAW tapings from YouTube and no more wondering if you can afford to shell out £60+ for this year€™s WrestleMania. The UK officially has the WWE Network AT LAST. ...But is it really worth your money? Here's 5 reasons why it is and five reasons why it isn€™t (with a conclusion, of sorts, at the end).
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