5 Worst Wrestling Promotions You May Not Have Heard Of

Cheaper than a $2 steak.


WWE tends to invite criticism with some ease.

The company has a literally written mandate which states that its stars cannot talk their way to popularity. Everything has to be scripted. Every babyface has to recite the same lame jokes - and even if that wasn't the case, Stephanie McMahon would still be there, undermining the very talents she is there to promote (!) with her detached put downs and self-obsessed, withering body language.

In-ring action, arguably, is at its peak - but we have reached peak in-ring action. There is far too much of it. Last night's episode of WWE 205 Live saw Jack Gallagher emerge victorious from a stunning Fatal 5-Way match to cement himself as number one contender to Neville's Cruiserweight Title - but by the time his hand was raised aloft, WWE had already presented five hours of wrestling. The week was just two days old.

As easy as it is to bemoan the state of WWE - and there are at least 23 dedicated lists in that - some perspective is needed. At its best, it is an incredibly-produced promotion boasting absorbing storylines and unmissable moments.

Things, demonstrably, could be far, far worse...

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