5 Worst Wrestling Promotions You May Not Have Heard Of

5. Wrestlicious

Jonathan Vargas lived the dream of every Extreme Warfare-playing wrestling fan when he won a $35 million on Powerball lottery jackpot in 2008 and used the proceeds to fund his very own wrestling promotion.

Unfortunately for everybody else, his vision of pro wrestling was that of Jerry Lawler's distilled oxytocin, circa 1998.

Vargas evidently was the one guy who didn't pop to the bathroom during the very worst of WWE's pre-Four Horsewomen era. His company, Wrestlicious, which drafted in Jimmy Hart for a depressing latter payday, was grim and lowbrow late-night public access nightmare fuel. To underscore its standing as joke, canned laughter played over the risible comedy segments between matches. The scummy layer was underscored by an appearance from the execrable Brian Knobbs, who gave side-splitting answers to trivia questions on such segments as "Are You Smarter Than A Male Wrestler?" Apparently, 1776 did not mark the official beginning of the United States' nationhood, but rather its first ever beer-drinking contest. Lol.

The wrestling itself wasn't entirely appalling (at least when Lacey Von Erich wasn't applying the gentle massage that was her family's famous claw hold), but the presentation was tawdry in the extreme.

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