5 Wrestlers Who Could Be The Joker In AEW's Casino Battle Royale (And 5 Who Won't)

Daniel Bryan? Chris Hero? Andrade? No, it's going to be Paul Wight.

Daniel Bryan

All Elite Wrestling has a decent track record as it pertains to surprises.

Jon Moxley's debut at the culmination of Double or Nothing 2019, although heavily likely, was still met with a mammoth reception. When Paul Wight teased a Hall of Fame-worthy debut at this year's Revolution, they had to deliver. They did just that in the form of Christian Cage, who many had presumed was still under contract with WWE.

Brian Cage at Double or Nothing 2020, Eddie Kingston and Ricky Starks as part of Cody Rhodes' TNT Championship open challenge, Ethan Page at Revolution 2021, Jake Hager at the end of the inaugural Dynamite episode, and so, so much more.

This trend must continue at the 2021 Double or Nothing 2021. Not only because they've been lucky with the quality of surprises in the two years prior, but because this is their first pay-per-view back in front of a full capacity crowd since 29 February last year.

The key here is that they haven't heavily teased who will be the Joker in Sunday's Casino Battle Royale. Previous Jokers have been 'Hangman' Adam Page, Mercedes Martinez, and Matt Sydal. There's a decent track record to follow there.

It won't be CM Punk, surprisingly, but it could might be...

10. Could Be - Hook

Daniel Bryan

Hook is going to have his first official match in All Elite Wrestling. He just is. A match with plenty of moving parts is the perfect place to debut him.

The real-life son of Taz, Hook has been a blast to watch progress across AEW programming. Just look at that neat overhead belly-to-belly he's hitting on Jake St. Patrick in the above GIF. Hook is going to be a hoot.

There's no harm in placing him in the Casino Battle Royale because he'll be in there with not only an endless amount of talent, but also Team Taz pal Powerhouse Hobbs. He doesn't need to do anything major here either, other than a few decent suplexes. What's key is there are a number of guys already confirmed for the match that could easily be used as suplex fodder for the 22-year-old. Griff Garrison? Sure. Brian Pillman Jr.? F*ck him up. Lee Johnson? Suplex him out of Daily's Place.

Hook has been actively appearing on AEW television since the 25 November Dynamite, where it was revealed he had been training with Cody Rhodes rather than 'The Human Suplex Machine'. He's in safe hands, either way. Surely it can't be much longer before we see some more of those utterly gorgeous suplexes.


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