5 Wrestlers Who Could Join The Teased New AEW SUPER Stable

The Elite are ready for a new war - but who is on the other side?

Don Callis stable

Kenny Omega is the best sports-oriented storyteller in wrestling.

He presents himself as an athlete without ignoring the stark reality of it. His body is falling apart, and he has recognised this in order to tell an emotive and convincing - and bold - story upon making the comeback in August 2022.

After selling so well throughout the AEW Trios Title tournament that people thought he had returned too early - only to unleash a killer physique in an incredible final at All Out - he has since explored the idea that he is actually no longer in his physical prime. In a great bit of foreshadowing, on commentary, his manager Don Callis at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 17 insisted that a Kenny Omega at 80% is still better than anybody else alive. Still, Callis recognised that Omega, 40 in October, will never return to optimum condition.

In parallel, sensing that Omega was on the decline, Callis courted Konosuke Takeshita, who while monumentally impressive in several near-losses lacked the killer instinct to ascend to the main event. Callis afforded him the shortcut. At Double Or Nothing, the new heel act of Callis and Takeshita made their bow.

In subsequent weeks, Callis has made reference to his "Family", which should be formed in full imminently.

Who could be part of it...?

5. Chris Jericho

Don Callis stable

Starting with the most obvious pick, AEW has hardly teased an alignment between Chris Jericho and Don Callis for it to not happen and pivot towards a Callis Family Vs. Jericho Appreciation Society programme.

The Callis Family are clearly heading into a stable war with the Elite, and Takeshita and Jericho will make up two-fifths of the former unit - or two-fourths, depending on either A) the availability and condition of Kota Ibushi or B) whether or not Hangman Page will stay on as a member of the Golden Elite supergroup.

Now, there might be a plot hole to clamber out of here.

As mentioned, Callis abandoned Kenny Omega on May 10, following a slow-burn tease, because Omega's body is breaking down and Konosuke Takeshita is a younger and, in storylines, superior athlete. You'd expect, then, Callis to recruit a band of raw, athletic studs in order to dine out on several meal tickets - so how does the 52-year-old Jericho fit into that?

Quite easily, with a spot of verbal finessing.

Callis and Jericho have a long interwoven history with one another, so there's that, but Callis can also point to Jericho's staggering pristine injury record. He could also say that Jericho constantly gets better and better.

Fans will debate that, but Jericho worked one of the best matches of his career, against Tomohiro Ishii, as recently as November 2022. His Falls Count Anywhere war in May of this year with Roderick Strong was incredible too.


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