5 WWE Booking Steps For Mr. Money In The Bank Brock Lesnar

1. 365 Days Later...


There are very few things WWE has never done in its long history. One of them, however, is having the Money in the Bank contract holder wait the entire year to cash it in. If there's one person with the perfect character to do it, it's this man.

With Brock Lesnar out of WWE and Money in the Bank 2020 coming up, WWE starts promoting the event and, as usual, a new Money in the Bank Ladder Match is booked after the prior year's winner decided not to use it.

Earlier that night, during the WWE Championship bout, Brock Lesnar comes out with his briefcase, finally cashes it in and wins the title like the jerk he is! But didn't he say it was stupid and only losers use that in order to beat better athletes? Wasn't he forced to leave? Yes, but that's what heels are; their words are meaningless. They're supposed to be cowards.

The next month, during a Battle Royal, an NXT call-up makes his debut and becomes the number one contender for Brock's strap at SummerSlam. That rookie? The new "Next Big Thing", Matt freakin' Riddle. At SummerSlam, the two have a terrific match that ends with Riddle beating Brock into submission and taking the WWE Championship from him.

Can you feel the humiliation? Well, Matt says, "that's too bad... bro!"

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