6 Absurd Wrestling Championships You Won’t Believe Existed

1. WWF World Martial Arts Heavyweight Championship

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The WWF World Martial Arts Heavyweight Championship was first held by legendary Japanese wrestler Antonio Inoki. The belt was basically given to Inoki for simply showing up in the WWWF in 1978. Shortly after the title was created, the WWWF dropped the first W, making the title simply a WWF Championship.

The belt was primarily defended in MMA-style matches, most of which were held in Japan. Despite being billed as shoot fights, the outcomes of the matches were pre-determined.

While there weren’t many noteworthy feuds for the strap, it lasted a surprising 4031 days. The only person besides Inoki to hold the title was a Russian judoka named Shota Chochishvili who was best known for winning a gold medal at the Olympic Games back in 1972. Chochishvili would drop to the title to Inoki in a re-match, after holding it for just 31 days.

The title did little to boost the profile of Inoki, who was already a major star. Moreover, it was seldom ever defended in the promotion that created it.

Despite the fact that this Championship existed for over a decade, it has been forgotten by all but the most diehard wrestling fans.

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