6 New WWE Directions After Battleground 2017

Xenophobia will run wild at SummerSlam...

Randy Orton Singh Brothers

At Battleground, a new WWE Title challenger was cemented, one popular tag-team made history, the United States Title shockingly changed hands, and exactly who will be the next hurdle for Women's Champ Naomi was established. Oh, and we also witnessed the apparent end of Randy Orton's run in SmackDown main events.

Goodbye for now, Randy, and thanks for helping establish Jinder Mahal as WWE Champion over the past few months. That should be the general sentiment coming out of Battleground, because it looks like Mr. RKO is now out of the title picture.

Post-Money In The Bank, that seemed to be the case anyway, but Randy came back for one more shot inside the Punjabi Prison only to be foiled by a returning menace in the form of The Great Khali. Could Orton be heading for a showdown at SummerSlam with the big Indian? It sure looks that way, and it's not the only match WWE have set up...


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