6 New WWE Directions After Battleground 2017

6. The New Day Launch Another Lengthy Tag Title Reign

The New Day

Surely, WWE won't have made New Day the first team to capture both the Raw and SmackDown Tag Titles only to take the straps from them in a few short months? Another epic title reign could be on the cards for the fun-loving trio. Aside from The Usos, there's nobody on Tuesday nights who can match them anyway.

The New Day should rightly become the focal point of SmackDown's tag ranks, just as they were over on Raw. By beating Jimmy and Jey at Battleground, Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods have only enhanced the titles, again just as they had with the Raw belts. It's time for those New Day boys to shine once more.

Expect a rematch against The Usos on SmackDown soon, only for Commissioner Shane McMahon to announce another in time for SummerSlam. Once New Day have offed the twins again, perhaps The Singh Brothers would be a fine choice to splinter from Jinder Mahal and try to make their own splash?


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