WWE: 7 Reasons Owen Hart Should NEVER Go Into Hall Of Fame

7. He Might Have Said No Himself

If Owen Hart was still alive today, if the tragic fall never happened or if he somehow survived...would he have given WWE his blessing to induct him? While that is impossible to know it doesn't seem such a reach to say that no, he most likely would not. The WWE Hall of Fame is not voted on by fans, peers, or wrestling historians. From all accounts the Hall of Fame selections stop at one man and one man only: Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Would Owen have been willing to give McMahon the satisfaction? In addition to McMahon screwing over and continually embarrassing his brother Bret, Owen had watched as a wrestling company had turned into a show of drug references, near-naked women, and extreme violence. A show by all accounts he didn't like and was not comfortable participating in, having the "audacity" to turn down proposed raunchy angles. A company that finished their PPV after he had died, in the same ring he had just, by all intents and purposes, died in. And if he did somehow survive that fall...does anyone honestly think Owen would have wanted to be a part of the business ever again? Or at least anything to do with WWE?
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