6 Reasons You Should Be Watching Impact Wrestling

Cross The Line? It only took 10 years and the loss of every flagship star.

From AJ Styles to Hulk Hogan to Awesome Kong to Samoa Joe sporting bad face paint and brown pants, Impact’s had a bit of everything in its 17 years. Some of it’s been great and a lot of it so bad that the show has fallen way from those days of been America’s no.2 promotion.

With the rise of AEW taking place before our very eyes, Cody and his gang of elites are taking full advantage of audiences seeking out an alternative product. What if an entertaining alternative is already out there?

Tucked away and forgotten by the mainstream, Impact Wrestling has found a resurgence in quality the past 2 years. While its name value and budget remain rather petite for now, its quality and creativity are hitting new highs all the time with a thrilling weekly show and style reminiscent of Paul Heyman’s booking glory days in ECW.

Let’s take a look at what’s making Impact Wrestling one of the best and most underrated products in the world of wrestling today.


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