6 Reasons You Should Be Watching Impact Wrestling

6. Long Term Storytelling


Ever since New Japan commentary whiz Don Callis took the reigns of Impact’s booking in 2017, there’s been a change in the air. A higher quality abounds in the feuds and character arcs presented week to week. Sami Callihan alone has wowed audiences with his ferociously personal wars against Eddie Edwards (a man driven to total madness in the time since), Pentagon Jr. (catch the Lucha Bros not jobbing to The Young Bucks for a change here) and Rich Swann (he does a hell of a lot more than the dancing now).

Like any well written show, the storylines of Impact, regardless of division or place in the card, are given the room to breathe. They are granted the joys of well built plot twists and upsets with characters developing and learning from their experiences.

For those who only watch the 700 hours of WWE put out every week, you might find it refreshing to not be treated like a total imbecile by your television for a change. A show that rewards the viewer for keeping track of continuity instead of chastising you for paying more attention than the writers do.


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