6 Second Generation Wrestlers Who Could Be The Next Big Thing

Following in the footsteps of giants...


Growing up in the shadow of a famous wrestling mother or father must be difficult. At home, these youngsters must cope with parents who are constantly on the road. At school, they become mini-celebrities themselves as other kids either shower mum and dad with praise or turn into bullies because they don't like the characters they play on TV.

Then, for those who catch the bug and decide they want to be wrestlers too, there's instant pressure as soon as they first lace up a pair of boots and start training. Some, like Cody Rhodes, live up the billing and use their family name wisely. Others, like Curtis Axel, are stupidly distanced from their birthright. Instead of being called Joe Hennig, which would be fine, he was given a weak-ass substitute by WWE (behold the wonderful "Genesis Of McGillicutty").

No, being a 2nd generation worker can't be easy, but there are some coming through who can do their lineage proud. This is a collection of six wrestlers we believe have the potential to do great things and (in some cases) possibly even top what their predecessors did.

No pressure, guys...


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