6 Successful Parody Wrestling Gimmicks You Totally Miss

5. Blue World Order


Back in the early '90s, the nWo made wrestling "cool" again. During the Monday Night Wars, it would have been in the competition's best interest to emulate the phenomenon that Hogan & friends created - DX was partially WWF's reaction.

ECW took another route. In response to the nWo's mainstream fame, the promotion threw together a ragtag group of parody performers containing the Blue Meanie, Stevie Richards, and Nova. Together, the three formed the infectiously popular Blue World Order. Each member had their own respective parodies of the core nWo members, and they moved loads of merchandise, elevating "Big Stevie Cool" to ECW's main event scene in the process.\

Regardless of your stance on fat shaming, the Blue Meanie’s rendition of Scott Hall’s “bad guy” taunt was extremely comical and having Mike Bucci return for a night as Hollywood Nova could be a slick way to slide Hulkamania right back into WWE programming. We may want AJ Styles vs. Shawn Michaels and Cena vs. Undertaker but quite frankly, I want to see BWO vs. The New Day. Don’t lie, you would love to see it too.


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