6 Successful Parody Wrestling Gimmicks You Totally Miss

4. Damien Mizdow

Damien Sandow is for sure a cult favorite amongst the wrestling community. Despite being a fine performer as the "intellectual saviour of the masses", he was held down by WWE’s top brass (i.e.- jobbing his MITB cash-in to Super Cena).

However, his mid-card presence skyrocketed after he ditched his scholarly persona in order to be a stunt double, taking he p*ss out of everything The Miz did as well as everything done to the Miz. Rarely working a match, the crowd popped whenever he hit The Miz's signature moves like the Figure-Four or the Skull-Crushing Finale.

With this gimmick change, he became more over than he ever was, receiving some of the loudest pops of the decade. After finally turning on The Miz, creative sadly and inexplicably repackaged him with his former gimmick, jobbing him out until his release. You can now catch the stylings of Aaron Stevens on Impact Wrestling so long as it remains afloat.


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