6 Things We Learned From Mandy Rose About Her Controversial WWE Firing

Mandy Rose spilled details on her controversial WWE exit to the Tamron Hall Show.

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WWE released Mandy Rose from her contract on 14 December 2022. One day prior, she'd lost her NXT Women's Title to up-and-comer Roxanne Perez on standard NXT TV - the whole thing felt sudden, confusing and questionable, especially when reports leaked about why Rose had been canned.

Mandy's FanTime account was cited as the chief reason. WWE management didn't like the "racy content" that had been posted there, and they took quick, decisive action. Rose hasn't said much since, but she broke her silence during a recent appearance on the Tamron Hall Show.

The entire interview was only 11 minutes long. This wasn't some epic rant on Chris Jericho's podcast, or anything of the sort. Instead, it was a snapshot look at what happened, how Mandy feels about it now, and what the future holds for her.

Hall was clearly trying to portray WWE as the aggressor, but did point out something rather interesting that most fans might not know about. There's probably more to come on this when Rose feels more comfortable saying her piece, but it was still a fascinating piece of business.

Here's everything we learned from Mandy.

6. Nobody Told Her Why She Was Losing The Title

Mandy Rose WWE

One of Tamron's first gripes seemed to be that Mandy Rose didn't know why she was dropping the NXT Women's Title. Rather professionally, Rose pointed out that WWE's product is ever-evolving, and the company is under no obligations to provide talent with concrete reasons for worked title switches.

That's fine, but...it isn't the full story.

Nobody backstage smartened Mandy up on what was happening during corporate meetings at WWE HQ. The FanTime issue, and the "racy content" (as Hall repeatedly called it) on there, had become problematic in WWE's minds, but no-one thought to properly broach it with Rose following one warning (more on that to come).

Mandy was obviously willing to do business and lose the belt to Roxanne Perez as scripted, but was left confused as to why creative cut her lengthy title run short without any clear plan for her character going forwards. She wouldn't find out until later why this decision had been made so suddenly.

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