6 Ups & 1 Down From AEW Rampage (May 19)

AEW boss Tony Khan set up two matches for Double Or Nothing on the latest Rampage.

AEW Fan Graduation

Congrats to the happy girl in the front row at Rampage for graduating, and congrats to her family for choosing an excellent episode of the 'B' (soon to be 'C') show to attend. They were rewarded with several fun matches, a whole host of angles and announcements on no less than two new matches for Double Or Nothing next week.

When was the last time that kind of pay-per-view goodness happened on Rampage?! It's been a while, and might never have happened at all. Was there anything must-see from an in-ring perspective? Not really, but most bouts also fit into the fun camp. In fact, there's only one 'Down' - it's here because AEW's casting choices must be called into question.

That's it. One negative. Wow.

Even some typically rubbish stories and side quests, like the whole Hardys vs. The Firm thing, worked on Friday's show. That's when you know you're onto a winner. All in (ahem), it was just a zippy hour with some watchable wrasslin' and enough Double Or Nothing chatter to make Rampage feel important.

Here's everything you need to know.

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