6 Ups & 3 Downs From AEW Dynamite (November 1 - Results & Review)

6 'Ups' is generous for a Dynamite that continues to settle into a new, divisive era...

Kenny Omega Jake Hager

Does anybody else except MJF care that Jay White has stolen MJF's World title? It's not as if he isn't still the champion.

AEW, the promotion, should care. To put over the stakes and magnitude of MJF Vs. Kenny Omega on the last episode of Collision - the match held to determine the best AEW World champion ever - the physical belt should have been present, held aloft by the referee, and kissed by the champion. Tony Khan in his capacity as AEW's President and General Manager should have (offscreen) ordered Jay White to surrender the belt or be withdrawn from the Full Gear main event.

The storyline has not worked - the stakes are low, and it has been diluted by multiple other subplots. Those subplots aren't uninteresting in and of themselves, but MJF Vs. Jay White is mils below MJF Vs. Cody Rhodes, or MJF Vs. CM Punk.

Did AEW course-correct on Dynamite...?


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