6 Ups & 3 Downs From WWE SmackDown (Oct 6 - Results & Review)

Rhea Ripley = 'Tribal Chief'; NXT star shines; WWE lines up surprise for Fastlane.

John Cena Jey Uso LA Knight Cody Rhodes

Add in CM Punk to the group of workers pictured above and you've got one hell of a Survivor Series team.

OK, so that's perhaps a little premature and maybe even far-fetched, but it surely struck many that John Cena, LA Knight, Cody Rhodes, Jey Uso and CM Punk vs. assorted members of The Bloodline and Judgment Day would be a cracking WarGames scenario this November. Maybe (just maybe) WWE plans to keep that option open.

This week's SmackDown was less about Survivors predictions and more about hype for Fastlane and next week's show though. Roman Reigns will return next week, and even Triple H will be stopping by to talk about...something. Overall, Smackers did a solid job of building several matches on tap for Saturday and keeping those comebacks fresh in your mind.

Also, take a bow Rhea Ripley. Judgment Day's 'Mami' came across as an absolute equal to any other big star on the entire broadcast, and she even borrowed Roman's catchphrase as a baffled Paul Heyman looked on. That goodness, along with promising NXT promotions and a possible Fastlane upgrade, made the show fly.

Here's all the good and bad.


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