6 Ups & 3 Downs From WWE SmackDown (Sept 23)


3. Missed Opportunity

Kofi Kingston Xavier Woods Mansoor

About those short matches.

Maximum Male Models needed a bit more during their scrap with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. The whole exercise lasted around three minutes, and the conclusion didn't make a lick of sense. New Day are made men, so why do they need to win three-minute bouts vs. promising up-and-coming tags?

The pair already worked wonders by elevating The Viking Raiders (before Erik's pesky injury), and they could've started the roll towards something similar with MMM here. Instead, WWE booked a brief match that was too short to really mean anything to anybody.

Sure, the Models have a sub-plot going on, and that'll be explored in the 'Ups'. However, that side quest doesn't mean they should be overlooked in-ring. WWE needed to do more to make Mace and Mansoor look like a competitive duo fans should give a sh*t about.


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