6 Ups & 4 Downs From WWE SmackDown (July 31)


4. A Glorified Squash

Prepare to put those positive vibes on ice for now.

Yours truly expressed his concerns last week when Gran Metalik was drafted in out the cold to challenge for AJ Styles' Intercontinental Title. Those worries were proved correct come match time; it was hard to take the high-flyer seriously as a threat when he's been portrayed as a tag-team jobber for so long.

The action also played out like an elongated squash exercise for AJ, and his attack post-match did nothing for either Metalik or partner Lince Dorado. 'Back to Main Event with you' seemed to be the cry. Then, to make matters worse, Metalik seemed to blow the defeat off in a backstage segment later in the show.

This is why some characters in the company don't have any momentum. Metalik's mini-push towards the title was rushed, he lost without putting up too much of a fight, got his ass kicked afterwards and then seemed unfazed about the whole thing.


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