6 Ups And 2 Down's From UFC 251

7. Down: MMA Judging Needs Tweaking

After two extremely tough first rounds, Volkanovski adjusted and brought it back to former champion Holloway to eke out a split decision win.

When the dust settled no-one was quite sure who definitively won. Round Three was supposedly the biggest hiccup, but all the judges agreed that Volkanovski took it. One lone judge randomly gave Holloway the final round.

It raises the question of why there are still so few 10-10 rounds in MMA as a draw seemed appropriate for this fight, where you can argue for either man winning. Unfortunately, the atmosphere online seemed to lean towards Holloway, and cries of robbery erupted at the result.

Nineteen media outlets scored the fight in favor of 'Blessed' against the eight that backed 'The Great'. Online there is almost unanimous agreement between UFC fighters that Holloway should have walked away as the victor, and Dana White had a classic angry rant at the post-fight media scrum claiming that the decision was terrible.

It put a downer on Volkanovski's title defense and leaves the lingering feeling of no closure to the fight. Running it back is out of the question as the division must move on, but Holloway has had to walk away without his crown so many believe he earned back.

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