6 Ups And 9 Downs From WWE Raw (Dec 2)

Raw suffers from turkey coma, sleepwalks through poor episode.

Lana Raw Arrest

Raw was a pretty big disappointment Monday night, putting forth eight matches in which five were glorified squashes (or at least matches where the outcome was never in doubt) and another ended in an obvious DQ. Top that off with there being a PPV in less than two weeks and no Raw matches announced, and you have a pretty lackluster show.

The big draw of the episode was supposedly Seth Rollins’ big apology, which Kevin Owens rightly called out as “bullsh**.” But nothing really came of it beyond that. Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre gelled well together as a clash of the future versus the past, and Samoa Joe was great on commentary.

But that was about it for the positives Monday night.

If you like jobber-style matches stacked on top of each other, this episode was for you. If you like watching a wrestler painfully deliver a forced line that makes you cringe, this episode was for you. If you love the Rusev/Lana/Bobby Lashley feud, this episode was for you. If you don’t care about seeing Becky Lynch appear and want to watch Charlotte Flair nearly defeat two accomplished singles wrestlers by herself, this episode was for you.

Raw stumbled badly this week, and the writing wasn’t particularly inspired, almost as if everyone was still comatose from too much turkey and just slapped this episode together. Shake if off and do better next week.

Let’s get to it…

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