6 Ways To Save The Women's Evolution

Behind every great man, is a woman who could powerbomb him back to the dark ages.


When you Google "female wrestlers", the first suggestion is a Wikipedia link to “WWE Diva”, accompanied by the compelling fact that since 1999, seven WWE Divas have appeared on the cover of Playboy Magazine. Fascinating. But completely redundant.

This past week, Sexy Star became the first luchadora to capture the Lucha Underground Heavyweight Championship, the promotion's major men's title up until this point. In a grueling battle at Aztec Warfare III, Sexy Star faced off with Mil Muertez to the finish, in a story book battle of endurance, determination, and overcoming the odds. In her words post-match, Sexy articulated the feeling that women's wrestling should now and forever set out to create: "Every woman is sexy, and every woman is a star."

Women in wrestling are well on their way to building an entirely new attitude towards equality, from the inside out, and looking in from a mainstream perspective. But it didn't happen overnight in the form of the 'Divas Revolution', as WWE might have you believe. Women built this from the ground up, and it's been a long time coming.

The real 'Women's Evolution' is not the manufactured spin-off rendered from the decrepit publicity machine that was the 'Diva's Revolution'. Women are more that a marketing scheme. Women are changing the game. They are redefining what the sport of professional wrestling is, from the ground up.

Take note, WWE. Here's 6 ways to save the Women's Evolution.

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