6 Wrestlers Who Carried The Ultimate Warrior To A Good Match

Warrior benefited from these great opponents.

The Ultimate Warrior stood out from the crowd of other wrestlers for a number of reasons. The face paint? Iconic. His physique? One of the best. His attire? Unique. The ring entrance and overall energy? Captivating! His in-ring performances? Not his strong suit. The Warrior€™s move set and ring skills were relatively basic and while they did improve somewhat over his career he never became a great wrestler inside the squared circle. Yet, that didn€™t mean the Warrior couldn€™t have a good to great match with the right opponent. Thus, the Warrior€™s opponents were carefully selected in his WWE career to ensure he was always protected and made to look like a real life cartoon character. These men were trusted to bring out the best during their matches with the Warrior and some of these opponents inevitably had more success than others. This is a list of the men who truly succeeded in making the Ultimate Warrior look amazing between the ropes and were responsible for helping build up the iconic superstar each night in the ring. The list starts with a WWE Hall of Famer who also happened to be one of the greatest in-ring technicians in WWE history€.

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