6 Wrestlers Who Have Quit WWE In 2019

When 'the dream' becomes a nightmare.


Mike Kanellis has, by all accounts emanating from all the usual sources, absolutely had enough of WWE. Cuckolded in both his creative and career by a moribund storyline with no obvious upside down the line, the former Ring Of Honor star is desperately seeking an exit - despite the huge contract he recently re-signed with the company.

We have bad news for him: he almost certainly won't find one. Since the advent of AEW - and in particular, the defection of one very high-profile star, WWE have virtually made it policy not to release any of their talent, even if it stretches their budget to bursting.

Which it won't. So long as Saudi Arabian royalty wires their blood money to Stamford, WWE can afford to be as financially imprudent as the competition demands. There's a plague on every member of the roster's locker these days:

Don't forget: You're here forever.

In Kanellis' circumstance, with prospects beyond WWE unclear and a second sprog very much on the way, he might be best advised to "do it for her" (or him, as the case may be, though that spoils the reference).

Not that he has a choice. These six were probably the last escape the machine for some time.

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