6 Wrestlers Who Should Have Ended Brock Lesnar's WWE Reign Of Terror

Brock who?


I hate Brock Lesnar. I know: hate is a strong word, and it’s easy to be extreme. If anything, it shows that the booking of Brock is working from a commercial standpoint; ever since his return to WWE in 2012 he’s created a strong reaction in audiences one way or the other.

But I think my hatred is justified here. The Brock Lesnar PR machine we know today is a far cry from the athletic beast who risked his life on a moonsault. He looks to be in the most monstrous physical condition of his life, yet all he can amount to is a couple handfuls of suplexes and F5s. Let's not mention his fallout from UFC 200. Going into Survivor Series, the odds were in his favour, but against all logic, WWE went for a reaction. Smart, but infuriating.

The building of Lesnar could have naturally culminated in a climactic story rise of his successor, a new top guy with a lengthy career ahead of him. No, I still haven’t gotten over it.

So, here are 6 men who should have been the one to end the tyrannous reign of Brock Lesnar.

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