6 Wrestlers Who Turned Down WWE Hall Of Fame

4. Sabu

X Pac

Sabu, an ECW original and hardcore icon, has a career highlight reel comprised of human wreckages. Enough to make the proponents of PG WWE nauseous and leave them with an existential crisis.

Most of his classic matches are kept away from Network subscribers, his barbed wire match against Terry Funk (ECW: Born to be Wired) being a notable example, which is still an uncomfortable wincing watch.

In a 2015 interview, Sabu stated his lack of interest in the WWE Hall of Fame. He gave preference to the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame saying induction, which, to him, “would mean a whole lot more". Sabu ramped up his criticism describing the WWE Hall of Fame as a “pay day for the company” rather than a genuine event to honour wrestling talent. He drew comparisons to the Baseball Hall of Fame and how “they put the best in, they don't put someone who sang the national anthem, or someone who did one appearance. It's the fakest Hall of Fame I ever heard of”.

However, he joked that his future financial situation might persuade him to be inducted.


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