7 Awesome Wrestling Feuds Ruined By Disappointing Matches

Nothing worse than a bad ending.


We’ve seen it time and time again across seemingly every medium entertainment has to offer: great promotional work, great scenes, great ideas and all of it wrecked by a badly booked climax. So many once phenomenal stories have fallen apart at the last hurdle and the wrestling industry knows this irritating fact much too well.

Wrestlers may be able to talk a great game and bookers can concoct hot angles but if the main event match at the end of the tunnel fails to deliver, the great feud that preceded it is remembered less fondly. Megastars from yesterday, today and tomorrow all learn this nuisance the hard way at some point no matter their skill set (or lack thereof). From botches to overbooking to off nights and burials, there’s all manner of what can go wrong bell to bell.

Feel like some have been missed? Sound off on your own favourite storylines hampered by in ring letdowns in the comments below.

7. CM Punk Vs. Paul Heyman (Night Of Champions 2013, Battleground 2013 And Hell In A Cell 2013)


After joining forces with Paul Heyman in 2012, fans wondered what the interactions would be like between CM Punk and the ECW maestro’s other client: Brock Lesnar. The two remained separate while Punk enjoyed a despicable double act with Heyman during his final months as WWE Champion. Many fans still cheered Punk during this time and hoped for a future face turn and Heyman/Lesnar feud.

The long awaited program kicked off in July 2013 when a considerably nicer Punk fell victim to Heyman’s penchant for betrayal. Costing Punk the Money In The Bank Ladder match that year, Heyman left Chicago’s favourite son in a bloody, crestfallen heap.

For the next month we saw action packed promos and scuffles as Punk and Lesnar hyped up their SummerSlam clash. After The Beast went on his latest sabbatical however, Heyman was without a dragon for Punk to slay. Many had hoped Lesnar’s win over Punk would lead to a victorious rematch for The Second City Saint.

Instead, Punk spent the next couple of months clobbering new Heyman reps, Curtis Axel and Ryback. The initially molten hot storyline speedily cooled off. By the time Punk punished Heyman at Hell In A Cell, fans had lost interest. Despite consistently great promo work from both men throughout, the decline in ring action severely hampered this promising story arc.


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