7 Best Promos In Wrestling Today

From the hilarious to the horrifying.


The promotional interview, or promo for short, is the cornerstone of any and all angles produced for professional wrestling. It’s the character work and stories wrestlers can present in a promo that can so often set it apart from other entertainment mediums out there.

There are countless greats who’ve made a fortune thanks to their knack for cutting high quality promos. In The Rock’s case, he went on to become a Hollywood megastar using his Dwayne Johnson alias. It was his mastery of talking, his comedic timing, his intensity on the microphone, that first caught the eyes and ears of Hollywood.

In this age of topsy turvy ratings and the overuse of the term 'workrate', the ability to work a microphone is more important than ever. Too often now do promotions rely on overly dangerous flips and slips to sell themselves to audiences. While such a style can be entertaining, it is also dangerous and unhealthy for the wrestlers involved, leading to shortened careers and reduced exposure. Furthermore, de-emphasising the more theatrical side of wrestling cuts away the dramatic impact of the matches. In recent years, competitive athletes such as Conor McGregor (whose schtick on the mic is awfully similar to an '80s Ric Flair) and Tyson Fury have shown how lucrative effective promo cutting can be.

Wrestling did it first and it’s high time the industry as a whole reminded everyone of that.

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