7 Best Promos In Wrestling Today

7. The Miz

The Miz and Mrs star’s grown on audiences a great deal in the years since his legendary meltdown on Talking Smack in 2016. Often thought of as a career heel, Miz’s passion for his craft and rage at his perceived lack of appreciation struck a chord with viewers everywhere. Since then, he has maintained this level of aggression on the microphone, often sprinkling just enough reality into his words to blur the lines between kayfabe and the truth.

The more serious edge to his style proved to be a credibility booster, maturing a character previously known most for his often juvenile humour. Widely regarded as the best WWE Intercontinental champion since Chris Jericho, Miz was given a second go at playing face this year with surprising results. Audiences were ready to support him, especially in his crusade against newly evil tag partner Shane McMahon. His promos were that of a hard working, sympathetic figure working towards redemption for past sins with the support of his family keeping him strong.

It was all going so well until the bell rang. Miz lost not once, but twice (!) to the Best in the World and cooled off considerably. Noticeably lower on the card now, Miz is still dynamite on the mic and maintains a strong connection with audiences. The man deserves better.

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