7 Better Ways WWE Could've Returned CM Punk

CM Punk has returned to wrestling in all the wrong ways. How could WWE have got it right?


"Just when they think they’ve got the answers, I change the culture."

That's the quote we got in a studio filled with a literal handful of people applauding. To say this was a bit odd for redebuting CM Punk is an understatement.

Yes, the deal is with Fox and not WWE. This was reiterated again on his return to Backstage.

There is no guarantee he will step foot back into a ring or do anything outside of this show for WWE again. But still, come on Vince.

Close down a couple of those XFL teams for a year and give that money to the crowd chanter loud banter Chick Magnet Philly Brooks.

I might have lost you there. My point was that if Fox was able to make the call to Brooks despite everything, why wasn't WWE? Maybe that'll pan out yet, but either way WWE Backstage feels like a waste of resources.

Drawing a putrid 49,000 viewers for the premiere, it seemed as if it were destined for WWE Network filler. Watching it now, despite great Punk-isms throughout, the show still feels like a hollow attempt at a SportsCenter WWE. Why one of the biggest returns in modern wrestling was allowed to occur here is baffling.

It raises an eyebrow when you consider that not long ago, it seemed like Punk coming back to wrestling at all was impossible, let alone for WWE. And weeks into the schedule after it already began? Even more impossible.

Which raises the question: why not...


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